Aung La NSang le Bradon Vera i Phomh caan suimilam le Live thlah ning konglam pawl Fiang tein an Thanh cang

October 13, zarhpi zing le zaanlei ah MMA i phomh nak One Championship cu ropui taktak le turu taktak in tuah a si lai i ‘One Century’ tiin hi puai hi min pek a si.

Part one le part two in tthen a si i Aung La Nsang le Vera hi cu part two ah a si lai. Part one pawl hi zarhpi zing Myanmar suimilam 6:30am ah live thlah hi an thok lai i suimilam 9 hrawng ah taisawm i chuh nak puaipi cu a si lai i an i phomh hna lai tinak a si. Part one an i tthuat ning dingpawl konglam hi cu fiang tuk in kan van tar duh lai loh.

One Century Part II cu zarhpi ni zanlei suimilam 2:30 hrawng ah live hi an thlah lai i anmah pahnih an i phomh caan cu suimilam 5 hrawng ah a si lai. An mah hlan i an phomh mi pawl dirhmun zoh in a si lai caah a caan hi fiang tein chim khawh a si loh. An mah hlan i ai phomh mi pawl nih caan an lak tam le tam lo kha ai fian lo caah live an thlah bak khan zoh peng uh law a tha bik lai.

Myanmar ah Skynet sport 3 le sport HD nih live an thlah lai i one Championship fb page le Youtube zong ah live an thlah tthiamtthiam lai. Hmundang kaa dang zong ah live an thlah nak a um te ko lai.

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